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Work Hard. Feel Good.

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A Rebrand that Had the Customer's Back

Ferris wanted to create an authentic connection with its audience while standing out in a crowded marketplace. So while the competition continued to embrace a “tough guy” persona, we helped them double down on rider-focused benefits and transformed Ferris into a caregiving brand. Gone were the days of glorifying scrapes, bruises, and the punishment of the job. In their place was a new promise to deliver an elevated experience for landscapers everywhere.

The Launch of a Promise

We kickstarted the campaign by putting Ferris on the same solid ground as its customers. The anthem video was an honest outline of beliefs, a validation of hardworking landscapers and a promise to keep them feeling good day after day.

Ferris Work Hard Feel Good Anthem

The Right to Do Things Differently

The brand's renewed commitment was launched with an entirely new concept for landscapers: their own bill of rights. We helped Ferris turn this into their new manifesto — then we wallpapered dealerships with posters outlining what our audience deserved.

Poster of man on Ferris mower
Two men in a vehicle

Understanding Delivered Daily

Research showed the landscaper audience likes their coffee — and their morning newspaper. Knowing locally-targeted advertising would have a high reach, we extended our message to a print campaign reinforcing the Ferris difference.

Ferris print ad with 2 men
Ferris print ad with man on mower
Ferris print ad with man and mower
Ferris print ad with two landscapers

Digital That Did the Not-So-Dirty Work

Our campaign's use of empathy and understanding was translated into a robust digital strategy as well. We developed sequential messaging to drive traffic to Ferris dealers who reinforced the brand's personal approach in person.

Man Outside on Mower

A Feel-Good Social Strategy

Having the customer's back means being in right place at the right time — all the time. Our approach started with social content designed to broadcast the brand's support-inspired mission.

Ferris Social Ad campaign on iPhones

Our social video series doubled down on the Ferris difference while showing off the brand's comfortable and reliable product lines.

video thumbnail of man on mower with red overlay
video thumbnail of man on mower with red overlay
video thumbnail of man on mower with red overlay
video thumbnail of two men with red overlay
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