You're not supposed to like the people you work with this much. Blue sky thinkers who are remarkably down to earth. Subject matter experts you'll look forward to hanging with at happy hour. By staying true to our values, we make big ideas happen, without big egos. No wonder the average length of a client's relationship with Swanson Russell is twice the industry standard.



Do what you say. Say what you do. And respect who you're talking to by shooting them straight.

Whether with colleagues, a client or the target audience - don't fake it.

There's always a bigger, better idea out there. Be persistent and focused enough to explore it. If you're not, you're in the wrong place.

We're lucky to be in the business of ideas, and to work with people who value ours. Don't forget it.

Our best ideas happen when we demand the most of each other - and just as much of ourselves.

We are Champions of New Possibilities

Something awesome

We Make Belief

Brent Schott Headshot
Brent Schott
Chief Executive Officer
Greg Wiley Headshot
Greg Wiley
Chief Creative Officer
Ed Salem Headshot
Ed Salem
Executive Vice President/Executive Creative Director, Omaha
Katie Sands Headshot
Katie Sands
Executive Vice President/Director of Account Service
Lisa Lorraine Headshot
Lisa Lorraine
Executive Vice President/Director of Creative Development
Tony Sattler Headshot
Tony Sattler
Executive Vice President/Director of Experience & Insights
Amber Mencl Headshot
Amber Mencl
Vice President/Human Resources Manager
Bob Gropp Headshot
Bob Gropp
Vice President / Director of Finance
Casey Mills Headshot
Casey Mills
Vice President/Director of Social Media
Jason Schmaderer Headshot
Jason Schmaderer
Executive Vice President /Group Account Director
Jim Brestel Headshot
Jim Brestel
Senior Vice President/Director of Information Services
Jon Lundeen Headshot
Jon Lundeen
Vice President/Creative Director
Julie Nielson Headshot
Julie Nielson
Vice President/Associate Media Director
 Kay Wigle Headshot
Kay Wigle
Senior Vice President /Media Director
Kylie Legree Headshot
Kylie Legree
Vice President/Experience Director
Lynette Von Minden Headshot
Lynette Von Minden
Vice President/ Director of Public Relations
Parker Stoner Headshot
Parker Stoner
Senior Vice President/Director of Database Marketing
Patrick Finnegan Headshot
Patrick Finnegan
Executive Vice President / Group Account Director
Quiller Caudill Headshot
Quiller Caudill
Vice President/Director of Development Services
Shelton Crouch Headshot
Shelton Crouch
Vice President/UX Director
Stephanie Hays Headshot
Stephanie Hays
Vice President/Account Director
Steve Johnson Headshot
Steve Johnson
Vice President/Account Director
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