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Make It a Double Over Ice

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How Two Product Launches Became One to Remember

After a long hibernation, the ice fishing category is warming up, with new anglers entering the sport every season. Taking note, Humminbird brought not one — but two — major fish-finding innovations to market in the same model year with its MEGA 360 and MEGA Live Ice Bundles. To celebrate their arrival and tap into many ice anglers' second-favorite pastime, we developed an integrated campaign worthy of raising a glass.

Bringing the Heat

Launching two innovative products with a single print ad could’ve been a recipe for watered-down creative. By distilling our message down to a simple hook, we not only made it work — we made it memorable.

Humminbird ICE print ad with bundle example

Cheers to Clever Thinking

The “Make it a Double” line quickly caught fire, prompting our team to design a limited run of custom-labeled whiskey bottles as gifts for VIPs.

Front of the Humminbird ICE branded bottle
Back of the Humminbird ICE branded bottle

Doubling Down on Innovation

Digital ads hammered home the absolute clarity of MEGA Imaging.

Humminbird Mega ICE digital ad example

A Cool Approach to Content

Online traffic was sent to the campaign landing page with deep dives into both products.

Going Straight to the Point

Taking a more evergreen approach, our point of sale display put the actual product front and center, drilling down to the core features and benefits of each bundle.

Humminbird ICE Point of Sale System
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