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Rule the Rain

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How We Helped Increase Irrigation IQ

Reinke was already a global leader in the industry. Then, they teamed up with CropX and their innovative soil monitoring sensors to help farmers increase yields by 10% with 30% less water. Our campaign introduced this revolutionary partnership with striking graphics and clean typography, standing out in a marketplace full of stoic farmers and common cornfields. Layer on messaging that forces growers to rethink the way they water and you have one smart approach to intelligent irrigation.

A Launch that Ruled

A hard-hitting, pre-roll video introduced the Reinke + CropX partnership while promoting technologies designed to help ag audiences everywhere take the reigns of their irrigation scheduling.

Reinke rule the rain video poster

Using Impact to (Literally) Drive Traffic

Farmers spend a lot of time outside — and in their trucks. So we used eye-catching, outdoor placements to spread the news of CropX while promoting local Reinke dealerships.

Reinke rule the rain billboard in the sky

Point of Sale that Upped the Game

Seeing is believing, so we created in-dealer displays showing off the advantages of the CropX sensor and reinforcing its ability to be up and running in minutes.

Reinke rule the rain Cropx display
Counter Display

Technology this big comes with an even bigger story. But this audience doesn't go to a dealer with extra time on their hands. We channeled that insight into the rest of our point-of-sale materials with succinct messaging that was hard to ignore.

Reinke rule the rain cropx poster
Reinke rule the rain cropx poster

Supremacy Spelled Out

The intelligence of CropX is pretty impressive, but the details prove it's truly revolutionary. We shared the entire story in the Reinke catalog to demonstrate that when it comes to precision irrigation, this technology reigns above all else.

Reinke rule the rain cropx catalog cover and interior
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