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Using Strategy to Help Grow a Seed Company

Hoegemeyer is all about growth — helping farmers and customers across the Western Corn Belt grow their best crops to get bin-busting yields. But after more than 80 years in the business, a new type of growth was happening at Hoegemeyer: a partnership with Corteva Agrisciences. Their genetic offerings had grown more elite than ever before. So we jumped in with an approach to reinforce their differentiation far across the plains.

Leaning into Local

Hoegemeyer has walked fields for more than eight decades to give customers the right seed for their individual acres. Hoegemeyer knows the land. And knows the best path to success stems from sheer local know-how and world-class offerings. So we developed a video to give that message the right look, feel and voice to ring true to the audience.

Hoegemeyer 85 years poster with man holding corn

Educating the Field

Hoegemeyer’s 2021 Seed Guide is a valuable trove showcasing exceptional products and technology. We designed it to be sleek, streamlined and modern — while carrying a local feel that felt close to home.

Hoegemeyer Seed Guide Cover

Backing it Up

Digital ads quickly, succinctly conveyed benefits and what matters to customers most — including real quotes from successful farmers to support it all.

Walking the Talk

To tout Hoegemeyer’s 85th anniversary in the business, the print ad got right down to business — with confidence, not arrogance. After all, Hoegemeyer is too busy growing customer relationships and successes to inflate their own egos.

Hoegemeyer Print Ad With Man Walking In Corn Field

Taking the Direct Route

The campaign’s fall mailer wasn’t another piece of pointless junk mail, it was a fresh idea delivered via an air freshener giveaway. The piece was made more memorable with a front-and-center brand promise for our audience and their rearview mirrors.

Hoegemeyer fall mailer cover in blue
Inside of Hoegemeyer fall mailer

An Experience Done Right

The new brand needed an online hub, so we created a website with new customers, valuable dealers and proud employees in mind. Products and supporting information were placed front and center, while curated content positioned Hoegemeyer as a leader setting its sights on the future ahead.

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