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Permission to Go Crazy

Badlands makes one simple promise to hunters: “We’re a little crazy about everything you’re crazy about.” From the detail and effort they put into making their packs and gear, to their Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, they’re known for going over the top. We crafted a brand and built a powerful e-commerce website to deliver that promise at every turn as they reached out to new markets. What’s crazy about that?

Weaponizing a Warranty

Hunters can count on Badlands for gear that holds up to the elements and keeps them in the hunt. No matter what. This anthem video built a story around the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, turning this differentiator into a call to arms.

Badlands Brand Video Thumbnail Image

A Site with Soul and a Sense of Humor

We built more than just an e-commerce site that works across platforms. We created a place where Badlands can tell their story, share their passion for hunting, and build trust with their customers. Regular blog posts, heavy on brand personality, are one way Badlands stays timely and relevant to hunters.

Print Ads with Personality

Print advertising led with a big, bold picture of the product, plenty of performance features, and a healthy dose of Badlands’ attitude.

Badlands Unconditional Print Ad
Man in Camo Hunting Gear in the Mountains

Weaving Commerce into the Conversation

Badlands customers go crazy for the latest and greatest gear. As heavy social media users, we used this platform to put the newest offerings in front of them.

In addition to the brick and mortar stores where hunters can find Badlands gear, we used Instant Shopping Experiences on social media to bring a storefront to them.

Promotions are becoming a bigger and bigger part of Badlands’ strategy. Using contests and giveaways, we significantly boosted Badlands’ database of customers eager to hear their message.

Badlands Brand Facebook Carousel Mockup

Targeted Video Content

Badlands was born in the mountains of Utah. When the company began targeting eastern whitetail hunters, they used video to show they shared their passion and spoke their language.

Man in the Woods