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Launching Liberty

With game-changing technologies and ever-changing innovation, E-Z-GO has been an industry leader for decades. But recently, they expanded their focus from golf courses to neighborhoods with vehicles designed for a head-turning way to get around. E-Z-GO's newest release — the Liberty — promised to be the highest-end offering to the consumer market to date. It combined the most advanced, efficient technology with another industry first: four forward-facing seats. A launch this big needed big ideas to match, so we created a powerful campaign that was nothing short of electric.

Creating Some Serious Buzz

A great product deserves some great hype. So we kicked off the campaign with a teaser video and social content highlighting product differentiators.

golf cart video poster

A New Spin on Social Teasers

Liberty had a lot to talk about — including four industry-first, forward-facing seats. We used that feature as our inspiration to create fun (and cryptic) social media posts.

liberty golf cart social story example
Liberty social story example on phone
Liberty social story example
Liberty social story example on phone
couples infront of house getting on golf cart

Digital Designed to Dazzle

At launch, Liberty was only being offered as a pre-order opportunity. That meant that consumers needed to be "wowed" enough online to make a purchase before seeing the vehicle in person. Certainly a lot of pressure for a digital advertising, but we delivered with ads that enticed and intrigued. 

A Page with Powerful Content

E-Z-GO Liberty provides comfort, control and everything in between. So we created a storytelling landing page to reinforce product benefits and show off everything this incredible, lithium-powered vehicle has to offer.

Let the Launch Begin

Our campaign release date was timed with the start of pre-orders — and the launch of our full-length product video. We took consumers for an immersive ride through all the powerful, innovative and stylish details while showing off every inch of Liberty.

two men and a woman in a gold cart by the lake

Shouting From the Social Rooftop

Research showed the ideal Liberty customer spent a lot of time on social media. We drove our product story home with a comprehensive social plan including plenty of vehicle eye candy.

Liberty golf cart facebook carousel on phone
Liberty golf cart facebook carousel on phone
Liberty golf cart facebook carousel on phone
Liberty golf cart facebook carousel on phone
people on golf cart driving through neighborhood

All the Liberty Anyone Could Ask For

Once customers engaged with our content, we had a plan to deliver the rest of the details. Supporting collateral and emails were designed to show every incredible detail and push everyone one step closer to purchase.

E-Z-GO Liberty Sell Sheet
E-Z-GO Liberty Email
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