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Helping a Private Aviation Leader Make a Pandemic Pivot

COVID-19 challenged us all to re-evaluate our lifestyles, including the way we travel. To limite time in airports and contact with other passengers, more business leaders turned to private aviation for the first time. Targeting High Net Worth Individuals, this full-funnel campaign welcomed business and leisure travelers to the world of Cessna Citation jets.


The pandemic was changing the travel conversation, and Cessna needed to be present and relevant. Placed in publications like Fortune and Jetset, our print ad series highlighted both the corporate travel and wellness benefits of private aviation.

Textron Aviation Print Ad 1
Textron Aviation Print Ad 2

To Reach Overachievers, We Flew Under the Radar

Finding the HNWI online can be a “needle in a haystack” proposition. New programmatic tools and a well-choreographed remarketing strategy allowed us to not only find the needle but to thread it, too. Tailored digital display and YouTube pre-roll messaging spoke to business or wellness use cases. 

Couple walking up to airplane in front of mountain
Two gets in the sky video poster

Hitting the High Notes

Featured on the campaign landing page, this anthem video spoke to the pandemic moment, while also showcasing the breadth of solutions available, enticing users to find the right jet for them.

Landscape with lake, mountains, and sky

Moving On to the Next Leg of the Customer Journey

With private aviation newcomers in mind, our campaign landing page used an intuitive UX with the ability to filter the relevant products for them. From there, they could contact a sales rep or visit the product landing page on the Cessna website for more information.

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