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Quiet Power

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Serious Noise For an Ultra-Quiet Product Launch

When we set out to help launch the QuietPower Series Inverter Generator, sound was on our side. Or lack of sound to be exact. At the time, market research had shown consumers were fed up with loud and bulky portable power options. Enter the Q6500: A revolutionary product designed to outperform in the key areas of noise, runtime and overall size. We knew we had a great story, but instead of telling the market about these advantages, we decided to show them — while showing up the competition. The result was an unapologetic campaign about the indisputable winner of portable generators.

Advantages You Can Hear, Feel and Save

Our truth-telling campaign was rooted in side-by-side videos delivering relatable reasons to choose the Q6500 over louder, heavier and less-efficient alternatives. 

man standing with 3 generators

Using Digital to Get Direct

When you have data showing your product is 60% quieter than the competition, you use it. Our bold digital ads reinforced this Q6500 advantage while giving customers an easy and direct link to purchase.

The Quiet Power Portal

The campaign landing page served as the hub of all things Q6500. Packed with videos, details and specifications, it told the entire product story and proved that no other generator could come close to this portable powerhouse.

Briggs & Stratton website landing page with generator
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