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How a Real Obsession Inspired a Really Different Campaign

Regional restaurant chain Runza has a following that's let’s just say... intense. Their legion of fans is better known as Runzatics: a loud and proud group who tend to get a little crazy about their favorite, freshly-made fast food. In their honor, we launched a campaign showcasing their fandom and celebrating their mania. Because when the food is this different and this good, it’s not weird to be proud of it.

Eyes Always Eat First

There's no better media placement than the food itself. That's why we used Runza's eye-catching cups to share weird facts only true fans could relate to.

Runza drink cups

A Weird Take on TV

The best brands usually have the best stories to tell. Some are fact and some are fiction — but for fanatic Runza customers, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Video poster of pregnant women looking at book of names

Obsession Confessions

Campaign radio spots offered the perfect opportunity for some real talk. We used them to dive into the minds of Runza diehards to share some real feelings about their favorite food.


Baby Names

Radio Spot

If you think there's a limit on Runza-fandom you are wrong. The second flight of TV commercials showcased plenty more "weird" as well.

Vimeo Video 756212765

Even the Sacks are Strange

Every Runza touchpoint was a chance to get weird. We extended the fun of our campaign to the carry-out bags for some extra personality on the go.

Runza Weird Takeover Bags
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