Client: RESCUE!

The Ant-Agonist

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    Advertising, Content, Motion Studio, Personality, Positioning, Segmentation

Why We Created a Bad Ant to Promote Great Bait

For families with kids, liquid ant bait spells trouble in the form of S-P-I-L-L-S. Our friends at RESCUE! came up with a smarter, child-friendly solution: ditch the liquid in favor of gel and use a dual-bait formula that affects the entire colony. It’s a clever product that needed to stand out from well-known competitors. Enter, a six-legged villain designed to do just that.

When a Zero-Star Review is a Very Good Thing

Every great story needs a main character, so we created an ant who sees RESCUE! as the literal bane of his existence. And since the baits are so effective and so clean, no ant in their right mind would recommend it to their fellow insects. 

women with child in store talking to man in a spider costume
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