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While Swanson Russell has always valued the diversity on our team, we acknowledge that supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is an ongoing process. That’s why we formed WELCOME, our initiative focused on embracing diversity within our agency, expanding diversity on our team and with our partners, and elevating diverse communities in our industry. WELCOME is focused on three action pillars:

1. EMBRACE: Openly embrace our differences through ongoing education, open dialogue, listening, and by reviewing and updating aspects of our environment, core values and corporate policies.

Efforts to achieve this goal have included an audit of our space, HR practices, business practices and communications from a DEI consultancy, ongoing training for employees around cultural competence, educational events featuring local and national speakers and a Welcome Slack channel to provide an open forum for DEI education.

2. EXPAND: Expand diversity on our team and who we do business with through better strategies in recruitment, vendor selection, client agreements and more.

While we know it will take time to change the representation within our agency and our industry, we are working toward this goal by providing DEI training and guidelines for hiring managers and interviewers, incorporating DEI questions within our interview process and seeking new and diverse vendors to partner with.

3. ELEVATE: Elevate our connection to others by engaging our communities, supporting appropriate causes and sharing our creative expertise where it can do the most good.

We have partnered with Bay High—a local high school focus program centered on branding, strategy and content creation serving a high proportion of underrepresented demographics within our industry. We are providing a variety of mentorship activities, including an annual capstone project to help students prepare for real-world client interactions.

These efforts are just the beginning. WELCOME is a long-term commitment and responsibility that we take seriously. We know a future that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive is better for our communities, better for our work environment and better for the creative work that we do.