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Tred Boldly

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Outdoor Recreation

Adventure Doesn’t Wait. It Leads.

As Nebraskans, the pioneering spirit is in our blood. We know first-hand that people drawn to the outdoors have one thing in common: they live for the moment when they're free from the distraction of their phone, TV and the internet. To reach them, you have to understand why that freedom is important to them, and speak to it better than the rest of the pack. Taking the lead. And never blending in.

Brand Experience

With decades of experience on some of outdoor recreation’s biggest brands — and a staff full of hunters and anglers — Swanson Russell knows how to connect and make an impact.

Go Big or Go Home

We aim high. And shoot straight. By understanding the reality our brands face, we push them to explore new territory, and bring new customers along for the ride.

More Stand-Out Work

How do you connect with someone who spends every weekend disconnecting? Don’t waste a second telling them things they already know — or have heard before. We've perfected the art of launching industry changing products, getting the perfect shot for outdoor rec brands and have helped turn hunting brands into every day brands. Check out some of the ways we best showcase those who work and play outdoors.

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Let's Talk About What's Possible for Your Brand

As an avid angler and hunter, Patrick understands the needs of outdoor audiences — because he is the audience. And, as a member of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and the National Sport Shooting Foundation (NSSF), he's directly connected to every aspect of the industry. Combine that with more than 15 years of marketing know-how and you have an expert ready to help you Make Belief with those who work and play outdoors.
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