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Up For Any Challenge

While we’ve built our name in a few key national industries, sometimes great challenges pop up in unexpected places. For instance, brands in our own neighborhood trust us to tell their stories honestly and authentically, to connect with real Midwesterners. And sometimes our work in our Areas of Focus leads us to great collaborations and partnerships with other brands. Wherever we hang our hat, the mission holds true: bring the brand and the audience together in a way that’s real.

Brand Experience

The work we've done at Swanson Russell has led us to great collaborations with brands just down the street, across the country and internationally. These unique experiences have strengthened our perspective, making us ready to partner with any brand that needs its story told.

Ready to Dive In and Fly High

Regardless of the objective, one mission holds true: bring the brand and the audience together with ideas too big to ignore. Eye-catching TV spots, high-performing website design and development, and one-of-a-kind experiential marketing campaigns are just some of the areas where we shine.

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