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We're a marketing communications agency with a few key areas of focus: outdoor recreation, agribusiness, construction, health care, regional brands and the green industry.

We help brands grow by understanding the people who live them, and forging a Real Connection™ between the two.

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2013-2014 Brand Campaign



Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau
Regional Brands

Welcome to the Weekend

Minn Kota
Outdoor Recreation

Fortrex Launch

Green Industry

2Five: Go On-Roading

Blue Blood Brewing Company
Regional Brands

10 Series Introduction

Union Bank
Regional Brands

Make Dreams a Reality

Green Industry, Construction

Let’s Work

Outdoor Recreation

Trophy Grade Lottery

Outdoor Recreation

No Excuses

BlueCross BlueShield
Health Care

One Less Thing to Worry About™

Outdoor Recreation

Tackle Box Giveaway

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From Our Blog

  • Making a “Non-Move” Something to Celebrate


    There’s been no shortage of business news in Lincoln over the past few years. Longstanding companies have relocated to new offices near and far. Startups have launched. Doors have been closed. Mergers and buyouts have shaken up the scene.

    Within this shifting landscape, Swanson Russell has stayed the course, continuing to grow through a stable and sustainable approach to business. It’s a formula that’s worked for us for over 50 years. It may not have the same headline power as the aforementioned “moves,” but we think it should.

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    Posted under: Health Care, Agency

  • Making the Case for Beef


    Perception, misconception and the need to better educate consumers — there are a million scenarios that apply to this, right? As a public relations practitioner who works in agriculture, these are constant challenges. Our industry is always working to better educate consumers to help them make the best dietary choices for themselves and their families. And sometimes, when trends and stereotypes meet “ag”, it feels like even when we’re winning some battles we’re having a tougher time winning the war. I recently read an article that confirmed just that.

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    Posted under: Agribusiness, Public Relations

  • We’re #1! Wait, we’re #5! #10! What do hospital rankings mean, and are they useful to consumers?


    You’re #1 according to one ranking system and #10 according to another. Your physicians want you to promote their latest accolade. But what do these rankings mean to consumers? Are we helping them determine which hospitals offer higher-quality, safer care? Is that even what they care about?

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    Posted under: Health Care, Branding, Strategy