We are not all things to all people

We're a marketing communications agency with a few key areas of focus: outdoor recreation, agribusiness, construction, health care, regional brands and the green industry.

We help brands grow by understanding the people who live them, and forging a Real Connection™ between the two.

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Regional Brands

2013-2014 Brand Campaign



Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau
Regional Brands

Welcome to the Weekend

Minn Kota
Outdoor Recreation

Fortrex Launch

Green Industry

2Five: Go On-Roading

Blue Blood Brewing Company
Regional Brands

10 Series Introduction

Union Bank
Regional Brands

Make Dreams a Reality

Green Industry, Construction

Let’s Work

Outdoor Recreation

Trophy Grade Lottery

Outdoor Recreation

No Excuses

BlueCross BlueShield
Health Care

One Less Thing to Worry About™

Outdoor Recreation

Tackle Box Giveaway

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From Our Blog

Are You Annoying Your Web Users?


Over the last two decades, the information superhighway has evolved and matured into arguably the most critical element of global communications, but like the rest of us, it didn’t get that far without picking up a few bad habits along the way.

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Posted under: Agribusiness, Construction, Green Industry, Health Care, Outdoor Recreation, Regional Brands, Interactive

Takeaways from TOCA


Since 1990, the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association, or TOCA, has served as a connecting point for people in the Green Industry. Marketers, journalists and public relations people who work in the landscape, golf and horticulture markets join TOCA to network, share ideas and find common ground. Since the Green Industry is one of Swanson Russell’s primary areas of focus, TOCA has always been near and dear to our hearts.

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Posted under: Agency, Green Industry, Creative, Interactive, Public Relations, Social Media

Which Facebook Analytics Really Matter


In the age of social media, where KPIs (key performance indicators) and ROI (return-on-investment) are increasingly important, everyone has to be a numbers person. The good news about social is that it’s extremely measureable. The bad news is that there are a lot of things you could spend your time measuring.

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Posted under: Agency, Social Media