When Your Mower Has Your Back

Ferris wanted a unique brand identity that would stand out in a crowded marketplace and create an authentic connection with its audience. So while other brands in the space lean into a “tough guy” persona, we helped Ferris double down on its rider-focused suspension technology and embody a caregiver brand. Instead of glorifying the scrapes, bruises, and punishment of the job, why not point out how those things are just barriers from getting it done? After all, it’s easier to do hard work when you’re feeling good.

TV / Video Content

We introduced the Ferris brand — and its new approach to taking care of the people who trust it — with a video that put the mower company on the same solid ground as its customers. We laid out a promise to fight for the professional landscaper's right to get the job done today while still feeling good tomorrow morning.


We crystallized the promise made in the initial brand video with a new concept for landscapers: their own bill of rights. This vehicle for the brand promise allowed Ferris to acknowledge that while other OEMs lazily relied on a universal "toughness" message, that viewpoint didn't do anything to take care of the people they served. But Ferris is committed to treating landscapers right.

TV / Video Content

This video expanded upon the Landscaper’s Bill of Rights introduced in the print ads, reinforcing it with more emotion and connection.

Social Media

For a brand seeking to create a new connection with its customers based on more of a "caregiver" approach, a robust social campaign — complete with carousels that showcased the Landscaper's Bill of Rights — was a natural fit.

TV / Video Content

We rounded out the content plan with a series of videos, each focused on one of the individual "rights" promised by the brand.

Point of Sale

This poster was sent to dealers to hang in their shops, and proudly wear the Landscaper Bill of Rights as a better way of doing business.