Hometown Proud

We live and work in Omaha, so we don’t need to be convinced of what a fun, thriving place it is. But other people might need a nudge. Our work for Visit Omaha highlights just some of what makes Omaha great — and invites tourists and business leaders to come find out the rest for themselves. From craft brewery tours to getaway packages, we’ve positioned Omaha as the best place to spend your weekend.


This digital billboard counted down to each weekend, highlighting a campaign message about how fun, quick, and easy it can be to make a weekend getaway in Omaha.

TV / Video Content

Omaha isn’t immune to the boom in craft breweries. To help local and visiting ale aficionados discover the Omaha beer scene, we created the Omaha Craft Brewery Tour.

Brand Identity

Bob! This beautiful pedestrian bridge — named after statesman Bob Kerrey — is a tourist attraction with great views, clean walking trails, and easy access. We gave it a personality to match, reminding Omaha visitors of just one more of the city’s hidden charms.

TV / Video Content