Making Big Plans

Everyone knows college costs are skyrocketing, but not everyone knows the best way to prepare. 529 Plans like Illinios’ Bright Start and Bright Directions help families save for college, save on their taxes and prepare to make big dreams come true. Our work for both plans – through program manager Union Bank & Trust – acknowledges that the more we save for college, the more we go to college, and the more impact we make. In short: when you save for college, you can change the world.

TV / Video Content

Our pre-roll video campaign rotated multiple college savings messages under the umbrella of changing the world by saving for college

For Bright Directions – a 529 Plan sold by financial advisors – we highlighted kids and the various dreams they have, and how the reality of paying for them should lead parents to start saving now.

TV / Video Content

Saving for college is complicated, so we created this fun, appraochable series to show people why they should save, and how to save with Bright Start.

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