Proof Over Hype

For years the eagerly-awaited Wildcat XX was the subject of constant questions on social media and message boards. Some doubted that the “unicorn” of rumored off-road vehicles would ever see the light of day. So when we launched Wildcat XX, we didn’t just announce that it had arrived, we called out the doubters and showed them where it had been: putting the most advanced suspension system in the industry to the test in the most extreme environments. It’s a ride that’s built to conquer anything, for extreme drivers who put Ride Over Everything.

This video case study details how the entire Wildcat XX campaign came together, bringing off-roaders into the fold and creating the most successful launch in the brand’s history.


We started by taking the actual comments from XX doubters and putting them on display. Then we asked riders — via a hype video, social media posts and a dedicated email — to tell us where to take it next. Little did they know, we weren’t just asking to be nice.

TV / Video Content

As riders submitted extreme off road locations, we got to work. We secretly took XX to their suggested locations for a day of riding, culminating in a launch video that didn’t just announce that XX had arrived — it made clear where it had been.


After the full launch of the vehicle, the website was redirected with more product detail and an enticing giveaway.

Social Media

Individual videos called out the people who suggested each location and proved XX could handle it, all wrapped up with the confident mantra: Challenge Accepted.

TV / Video Content

Extreme off roaders tend to be gearheads. And Textron Off Road was going up against industry titans with horsepower numbers that jumped off the spec sheet. To prove that there’s more to a great ride than horsepower, we took our audience “Inside the Ride,” with a video series detailing why XX outperformed anything else.

TV / Video Content

An in-depth walk-around of the vehicle from off-road racing legend Robby Gordon — who helped design XX — lent the vehicle’s engineering more credibility. And a dedicated product video fleshed out the rest of the story.

Social Media

Dedicated Instagram stories were created to show Wildcat XX in action.

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