Finding Common Ground

The long, hard hours that landscape contractors work often go under-appreciated. Not here. Previously known as John Deere Landscapes, SiteOne is the first place landscapers go for everything from pavers to plants, and people who understand their challenges. In addition to developing the company name, logo and tagline, we’ve helped broaden the SiteOne story through ongoing print, digital and social efforts. Whether the message is introductory, educational or promotional, one takeaway has remained constant: this is a tough industry, but together, we can accomplish great things.

Brand Identity
Out of Home

When we launched the new brand, SiteOne announced its presence at the Green Industry Expo by giving attendees a single glove, then giving them the other one when they stopped by the booth. Later, we all raised a glass to toast the new brand.

TV / Video Content

Our connection with landscape professional allowed us to position this sales promotion as an exclusive, select event — and further reinforce the SiteOne’s position as a partner to professionals. The campaign successfully increased year-over-year sales volume at participating stores.

Social Media

To keep customers a step ahead of the constantly-changing Green Industry, we created this social video series, which taught landscapers how to reduce costs, labor and stress, while having some fun within a standard run time.