A Snapchat Scavenger Hunt With a Delicious Reward

This is the story of how we reintroduced a fan favorite sandwich for Runza®, a regional restaurant chain. Step one: put a big fake safe in the middle of a major university campus promising students the chance to win five years of free food. Step two: create a Snapchat-based scavenger hunt leading fans all over town to gather clues that would unlock the safe and the free food. Step three: get ready to sell a lot of sandwiches. 

How did we create a city-wide scavenger hunt to announce the return of the Italian Runza®? This case study tells the story, complete with some results that are pretty tasty, too.

Out of Home
Out of Home

Runza® Sandwiches are a staple at Nebraska football home games — so we made sure the Huskers’ biggest fans got the message.

Point of Sale