How to Solve a Pesky Problem

RESCUE! makes environmentally-friendly repellents and traps that keep homes bug-free. But before their products can get to your home, they have to get to the shelves of your local hardware retailer. The brand’s overall point-of-sale presence wasn't garnering it shelf space, so we crafted an approach for RESCUE! that was bold and attention-getting, but still heavily product-focused, appealing to both retailers and homeowners.


Showing retailers how we’ll catch consumer attention is critical, so we started by redesigning some key point-of-sale materials.

Point of Sale

We carried out the redesigned packaging look and feel to new products, displays and shelf talkers, creating a holistic, consistent identity at point-of-sale.


We reinforced the bold, smart and visually driven RESCUE! brand through retailer-focused publications.


RESCUE! created the TrapStik product to eliminate problems with carpenter bees, and we relaunched it with a holistic approach that employed animated video, digital media and point of sale.