Hold It Right There

When an angler finds their spot, they find more than just fish. They find a place to get away, to chase their passion and to thrive. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place like that? With Minn Kota’s disruptive Spot-Lock technology, that’s exactly what fishermen got. At the press of a button, Spot-Lock keeps your boat within five feet of any spot you choose. Our campaign spoke to both the practical benefit of staying on fish and the emotion of getting to your favorite place in the world – your spot – and staying there.

TV / Video Content

A :30 Spot-Lock anthem showed anglers in their spots, claiming their spot.

TV / Video Content

A barrage of digital ads played up both the emotional and practical element of the technology, with page takeovers and site skins giving it more prominence.

Social Media

Boosted social posts put anglers on display with our message, allowing the audience to talk about their favorite fishing spots in the comments.

Direct Response