Welcome to Fairadise

Eleven days a year, a magical city suddenly sprouts up on the open prairie gathering hundreds of thousands. For rural folks, the Nebraska State Fair is just a country mile away. But for Nebraska’s urbanites 150 miles to the East, they needed some fresh perspective to entice them to make the roadtrip. So we developed a campaign that walks a finer line between traditional and tongue-in-cheek to make the Fair relevant to multiple audiences.


The Nebraska State Fair draws several niche audiences ranging from foodies to farmers, concertgoers to carnival seekers, animal lovers to ag-rooted livestock raisers. To make a real connection with each of these audiences, Swanson Russell didn’t just develop one overarching campaign, but six custom illustrations within it, individually encouraging each group—in their own way—to “Let Your Fair Flag Fly.”

Motion Graphics
Social Media

As soon as attendees entered the fairgrounds, geofencing-enabled snapchat and social filters instantly became available on their mobile devices, adding yet another engaging and sharable element to their experience.