The Power to Make Things Grow

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs) grow healthier turf by delivering nutrition more efficiently—with less environmental impact from runoff and leaching. Easy sell, right? Not always. The key is education. We positioned Koch Turf & Ornamental’s brand as an educational partner for everyone from landscape contractors to golf course superintendents. Koch Turf & Ornamental helps them understand the benefits of the technologies and how EEFs can provide business solutions. The result is healthier turf—and a better bottom line.

Brand Identity

Our first step was organizing Koch Turf & Ornamental’s myriad turf and ornamental communications under one umbrella, with consistent sub-identities for different product lines and different markets.

TV / Video Content

Print ads highlighted different products for different markets and audiences — all using the sub-branding identity system we developed.


The website is as much an educational tool as a sales tool, as Koch Turf & Ornamental strives to tell the whole story of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers.