Look Beyond the Price Tag

Turf care pros try their best to save money wherever they can. So when they buy bags of fertilizer, they often go with the cheapest one. Which makes total sense — until you realize the cheapest bags are often full of filler. Despite the higher price at checkout, bags with more efficient fertilizer are more cost-effective in the long run. To promote that insight, we created an educational campaign encouraging people to look beyond the price tag and understand what’s in the bag.

TV / Video Content

First things first: We did the math and made a video showing why bags with higher percentages of enhanced efficiency fertilizer are a more cost-effective choice.


Lawn care operators’ routines may look different than green space turf managers. But at the end of the day, their goal is the same: Create beautiful grass that doesn’t break budgets. To ensure it resonated, the message was tailored to each audience in their respective publication.


Outside of print publications, we reached out to turf professionals of all different backgrounds with targeted digital ads directing them to a customized landing page.


Audience-specific landing pages served as information hubs for this educational campaign. Here, users could get the resources they needed to make informed, cost-efficient fertilizer purchases.


Let’s talk numbers. To give superintendents, turf managers and lawn care operators a better feel for how much they could save over time, we built a calculator where they could input their own numbers and watch the savings stack up.

Out of Home

For an audience that regularly attends trade shows, these displays were the perfect place to bring the campaign to life.


This comprehensive guide ties the entire campaign together. It serves as an educational tool for turf care pros by giving them the information and formulations they need to determine the most cost-effective fertilizer blends.