To Grow a Seed Company

Hoegemeyer Hybrids, a company who has walked the fields of their farmers and customers for eight decades, wanted to express themselves in a bold way — without neglecting their roots. To help them stand out, we embraced what already makes them great: unwavering authenticity. By developing campaigns with sincere visuals and a straightforward tone, we continue to help Hoegemeyer grow as a robust hybrid of local service and world-class genetics.


A revamped website gave users access to a robust product search tool, an interactive yield data tool, and easy access to find their nearest rep.
TV / Video Content

A bold brand video touts what Hoegemeyer means by “The Right Seed” and a product video further proves it by example.


Product-specific digital display ads complement the brand with targeted messaging.


This seed guide not only displayed Hoegemeyer’s new seed hybrids and varieties, but also a new look evolving the Hoegemeyer brand.


This sales brochure to farmers and dealers presented Hoegemeyer for who they really are—authentic, forthright and capable—all wrapped in a design that felt like the reader is walking the fields of the Western Corn Belt Hoegemeyer serves.


Through honest design and plain speak, this recruitment brochure captured that Hoegemeyer is not only growing, but sincerely and confidently self-assured of that growth.