Screw Conventional Thinking

How does a respected knifemaker carve out a niche in a new market? By challenging the existing market leader to a reality check. Gerber wanted to shake up the multitool market, aiming to attract construction workers and DIY’ers, and we positioned its new product around its three key differentiators, pushing the audience to reconsider the tool they were used to. It was all delivered with highly-targeted video, and trademark Gerber attitude.

TV / Video Content

This video was the tip of the spear in the on-line content blitz to launch the Center Drive multi-tool.

TV / Video Content

In addition to introducing Gerber’s multi-tool to the market, we introduced ourselves to the competition, with a video that took the market leader head on.

Social Media

A series of visual-driven videos were deployed on social media to introduce some of the product’s most differentiating and enticing features.

TV / Video Content

When you’re new to the space, credibility is critical. So we put Gerber’s new multi-tool in the hands of real pros and let them tell the story.