A New Breed of Fishing Tools

It had been years since Gerber’s last expedition into the fishing market. But after fully stocking its tackle box with new gear, it was time to re-enter the category in a big way. Rather than taking a feature-first approach, we decided to lead with the brand, reclaiming our place and aligning our story with the mindset of the adventure angler. Because when you fish on the edge, you need tools that give you one.

TV / Video Content

This hero video announced our arrival to market, inviting anglers to join us in this new endeavor, building toward our campaign theme line of Fish Beyond.

Brand Identity

A combination of in-the-moment lifestyle and in-field product photography added credibility and emotional impact to the Fish Beyond position.


For a tech-savvy audience that lives on the go, mobile made perfect sense. And Facebook canvas ads proved an ideal medium for exploring the brand story and product line.

TV / Video Content

Fishing is highly regionalized. These edits reinforced the brand connection, focusing the story on unique messages, fishing environments and styles. Alternate edits were made for mobile-first placement with vertical orientation.


Digital ads featured key products within the line, while tying back to the overall brand story and driving toward a campaign landing page.

TV / Video Content

Once users engaged with higher-level brand content, and became interested, longer-form video content delved deeper into the product story with help from Gerber's lead industrial designer.