This is Living

Golf carts are more than just a way to get around the course. For some, they’re an everyday luxury that makes everything more fun: from cruising the neighborhood to exploring the great outdoors. E-Z-GO’s golf carts can transform every day into something spontaneous, enjoyable and adventurous. We built a brand to position the vehicles as an aspirational must-have, for those who like to drive small and live large.

Brand Identity

What can you do with a golf cart besides golf? We wanted to show rather than tell our audience, through an inspiring and aspirational visual language that paints a portrait of what Living Larger can really mean.

The redesigned takes users on a journey, helping them find the perfect golf cart — including style, power train, color, accessories and more — to match the life the want.

TV / Video Content

Riding in an E-Z-GO is an immersive experience. We recreated that feeling in video, showing customers how a golf cart could help them connect with family, friends and the big world around them.

Social Media

We used social media to sell the vehicles, and encourage our audience to request a quote. Once they discovered how attainable an E-Z-GO was, we knew they'd want to Live Larger.

Social Media

A Facebook Instant Experience enticed viewers with video, then let them explore an E-Z-GO, before encouraging them to take the next step of requesting more information.


To increase awareness and expand reach, we relied on enhanced digital ads with a strong call-to-action to

TV / Video Content

As the country, and the world, struggled with isolation, we wanted to show that Live Larger is was also a message of hope, optimism and connection.