A Stampede Arrives

Bad Boy Off Road was known and trusted for years by hunters, who loved their stealthy electric side-by-side vehicles. But in 2016, Bad Boy busted into the gas-powered side-by-side market with the Stampede 900 4x4. Featuring an industry-leading 80HP engine with precision-tuned suspension and unheard-of storage, Stampede was ready to turn heads. We made sure it did exactly that, delivering a campaign backed by a new brand and built around one intriguing question: What Would Happen?

Brand Identity

We created the decal system for Stampede, infusing Bad Boy’s rejuvenated brand identity into its first major new vehicle.

Point of Sale

Feature-specific vehicle signage was created to draw attention, at which point a steering wheel-mounted booklet educated customers about Stampede.


Stampede’s microsite featured a virtual reality test drive and high-impact videos.

TV / Video Content

Capability videos showcased all of the ways Stampede outperforms other side-by-sides.

TV / Video Content

What would happen in an entirely different kind of side-by-side? That’s the question we asked drivers in this Stampede TV spot.

TV / Video Content

A full walkthrough product video highlighted all of Stampede’s capabilities, feature by feature, telling the all-new side-by-side’s entire story.

Out of Home
Direct Response