Pretty Cold Out Here for a Hell Raiser

Arctic Cat doesn’t just make snowmobiles, they make trouble. Their designs are bold and loud. Their suspension systems are unlike anything else out there. And they only sell them for a couple months a year, with special pricing, through a promotion called Snowmageddon. We captured Arctic Cat’s attitude for their Model Year 2021 campaign — proudly wearing their disruptive nature as a badge of honor and promoting new mold-breaking snowmobiles with urgency and personality.  

TV / Video Content

This campaign launched before snow could start to fall, so we built the initial communications using snowmobiles CAD drawings, set in a futuristic CG world.

TV / Video Content

Once the snow fell, we captured the new Arctic Cats in the wild.

Social Media

Arctic Cat’s audience is fiercely loyal and uses social media heavily, so we made sure the campaign was carried through on Facebook and Instagram.


A digital display campaign showcased new vehicles and drove to our dedicated landing page.


The Snowmageddon landing page dynamically showcased the new snowmobiles and what made them unique — and its pre-order functionality was built to generate leads for dealers.


A full-line catalog helped dealers walk customers through available models, with the ability to compare and contrast and explore key features.

Point of Sale

Bold, dynamic posters for key products were developed as conversation starters for dealers at the point of sale.

Direct Response

A robust email campaign hit riders at every touchpoint. From teaser and announcement emails to generate attention to nurture emails and online ordering reminders that helped move them through the purchase process.

TV / Video Content

For the final push of the campaign, we infused this video series with urgency and attitude, driving riders to make their orders before it was too late.