Monday, December 6, 2021
Will Folsom

Swanson Russell has been selected as public relations agency for onX Hunt, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation and maker of the leading GPS hunting app in the industry. Swanson Russell will help onX elevate the narrative around their platform, assisting with planning and executing new public relations strategies.

Since its inception in 2009 as a way to incorporate public/private land boundaries into handheld GPS units, onX Hunt has evolved into one of the most useful hunting tools of the past decade. By leveraging a phenomenal amount of additional data and migrating it all to a mobile phone app, onX has made handheld GPS units obsolete for many hunters.

In addition to putting land access data into the hands of hunters from the back 40 to the backcountry, onX is at the forefront of improving access for sportsmen and women across the country. Their mapping data is used to identify land access problems, such as landlocked public lands, and they work closely with organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to secure public access to that land. 

“onX Hunt has changed the way many hunters approach their outdoor pursuits,” said Patrick Finnegan, vice president/account director at Swanson Russell. “onX is becoming an essential tool not just for hunters, but also farmers, ranchers, outfitters, wildlife managers, biologists and beyond. Like onX, Swanson Russell prides itself for being home to fanatical hunters and outdoorsmen and women, and we’re excited to bring that passion and knowledge to bear as we help onX tell their story.”

About onX

Founded in 2009, onX is a pioneer in digital outdoor navigation, developing software that helps inform, inspire, and empower outdoor recreationists. onX Backcountry, onX Offroad, and onX Hunt make up the company’s suite of apps which are built by explorers for explorers. Because off-the-beaten path experiences are at the heart of what onX does, the company also leads initiatives to protect and expand access to public land and promote stewardship opportunities. Learn more at