Friday, May 19, 2017
Kelsey Wheeler, Writer / Producer

In this industry, you spend so much time searching for the next big mountain to conquer, that it can be easy to forget your roots. Ours are in Nebraska. Our hometowns aren’t in the middle of nowhere; they’re in the center of everything. They’ve got beautiful spring sunsets and good people with strong work ethics. It turns out the flatlands are a good place to climb metaphorical mountains.

We’re committed to our location, but we were also running out of room with our ballooning staff count. It was time to move. But not far.

Thus, the Super Big Non-Move was born, as we built a new building over our existing parking lot in Lincoln. Sure, there’s a little less space for our parking lot picnics. But hey, it’s still enough for ladder ball and two games of bag toss.

Here’s what we’ve done to build ourselves a home that sets us up for the future, without forgetting where we’ve been.


Collaboration makes everything possible at Swanson Russell. So we broke down barriers in a few ways. First, literally—with new office stations that give employees their privacy, without isolating us from each other. Anyone at a work station has the option to transform their desk into a standing position with the press of a button.

To shake things up even more, seating arrangements were thoughtfully assigned to unite departments. That means copywriters next to PR pros, account managers steps away from UX designers. We learn more from each other this way. And it’s a great excuse to get up and walk around more often.


It wouldn’t be Swanson Russell if we didn’t build in space for hangout time. The kitchen area and sun deck give employees a place to sit and have lunch, or to have a quick meeting with a view of downtown. The wellness fridge and snack cabinets are always stocked with fresh, healthy goodies and plenty (plenty) of La Croix. And when 5pm rolls around, the kegerator is a central hangout spot.


White walls don’t inspire much, so we made sure our new space reflects our personality, with everything from a timeline of the company, to a wall of staff photos, to our philosophy on teamwork.

Swanson Russell Lincoln Office Tour

We’re proud to be settled in a space that works harder than ever for our people. It just goes to show that sometimes to grow, you only need to look next door.

Some images courtesy of Clark Enersen Partners and L. Guerra Photography