Monday, June 24, 2019
Katie Sands

“How can we get more leads?” If I had a dime for every time a client has asked that question, let’s just say I’d be making a trip to one of those coin-counting machines. It’s a question that leads to the kinds of promotions that make our job…unique. In my time at Swanson Russell, we’ve asked trade show attendees to hit a punching bag, pedal a bike for “power generation,” bring a dollar bill we mailed to them before the show to win a cash prize, and more. And when those promotions are online instead of off-line, we’re generating leads with once-in-a-lifetime trip giveaways, photo-real online vehicle builders and product ROI calculators. Of course, we’ve also run our fair share of lead-generation ad campaigns, honing in on those that are deeper down the funnel through remarketing and other hyper-targeted tactics, and pushing them to sign up for email or request a quote.


But the reality is “How can we get more leads?” is just the first of many questions marketing teams should be asking. “How can we get the right leads?” and “How can we turn leads into sales?” don’t always result in punching bag competitions and trips to Mexico – but they deliver the answers the C-Suite is looking for. 

That’s how we’ve built lead programs for decades. And along the way we’ve learned more important questions to ask throughout the journey, from “What is the ‘must-have’ information?” to “What makes a good lead?” to “What does the prospect need right now?” Collaboration between sales and marketing to answer these questions ahead of time ensures the program is designed in a way that supports the reality on the sales ground. Couple that with investments in the right marketing automation tools and experts, and you’re primed to move targets to action.

Recently we developed our own Swanson Russell Guide to Lead Programs. It features a full list of top questions, and some helpful tips on how to arrive at the right answers. And if through that Socratic method, you discover you need some help, hit us up. There’s nothing that gets us more excited than seeing that line around the event booth, unless it’s a line out the dealership do