Monday, January 14, 2019
Tony Sattler, Vice President and Director of Digital Strategy

If there’s one single thing I’ve learned from being in the business of strategy for over a decade, it’s that it’s always a work in progress. Now more than ever, digital strategy must be ever-changing to be successful. Good thing there are tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager that allow us to dig deeper into data to uncover insights and keep up with consumers.

Even though strategy requires flexibility and adjustability, it’s still crucial to go in with a plan. At the core of creating a digital marketing plan are three steps that I always encourage clients to follow.

1. Find Numbers That Count

Depending on what your business goals are, you’ll need some trackable numbers that indicate whether or not the campaign is performing—we call them “key performance indicators,” or KPIs. Revenue from sales is one common KPI we track for clients. Others include unique website visitors and leads delivered to dealers. Making sure they align with your business goals is key.

2. Build Yourself a Baseline

To track progress, we have to have a starting place—a benchmark measurement. By having numbers to compare to over time, we can see if our campaigns are improving, and if we are getting closer to our goals over time.

3. Keep Your Eye on the Dashboard

To keep track of all this information and then analyze it, we set up monthly insight reports and dashboards. The dashboard shows us what happened, and we use the monthly insight report to provide the “why” with context and in-depth analysis that leads to recommendations for improvement.

Digital strategy is one big, continually moving machine, but mastering these three steps puts you ahead of your business goals—and your competitors. For a more detailed overview of this process, read our full report, 3 Steps to a Digital Marketing Measurement Plan.

Or, if you want our help in setting up the right digital marketing plan, reach out to our EVP/Managing Director Brent Schott at 402-437-6432 or to get the conversation started.