Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Casey Mills, Social Media Manager

No one ever said business-to-business content had to be boring, but it does have to be relevant. The bottom line is, if you wouldn’t click on your own content as a knowledgeable member of the industry, why do you expect your audience to?

That’s why we work so hard to add extra life to the content strategies we create.

Over the last few years, the key to our success in this effort has been finding the right mix of strategic insight and creative execution. Our social media strategy team spends a lot of time digging through numbers, sorting through surveys, spotting trends and outlining content topics. Then, we set the “creative folks” loose with a couple marching orders and a lot of freedom.

Through this approach, we’ve been able to achieve content campaigns that raise the bar.

One example is the work we've done for SiteOne Landscape Supply. In less than a year, we made this industry leader into the most followed brand in landscape supplies. Here’s a preview of the work we did.



We’ve learned that this strategy-driven approach to captivating social media content can easily deliver engagement numbers. But when done right, we know it can deliver bottom-line results in a much more serious way.

If you want a more detailed look at how we put this process to work for SiteOne, download The Serious Business Behind Likes, Emojis and Retweets.