Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Casey Mills, Social Media Manager

Brand safety on social media is a topic with wide ranging scope, but there are three areas where we typically see brands lose their footing on social media. 

  1. Being unprepared for user engagement
  2. Lack of awareness regarding where your ads are showing
  3. Not connecting with the audience in a relevant way

In parts one and two of this series we talked about being prepared for engagement and being aware of your digital ad placements. In this piece, we’ll focus on connecting with your audience. 

The final challenge we often see for brands on social media is missing the mark on relevant connection with the audience. Advertisers are increasingly challenged to provide value in order to get value on social media. That means, if you want the audience’s attention amidst throngs of competitors you need to bring a message worth their time.

Not fully understanding your audience on social media can lead to missed connections. In the B2B space, improper use of equipment in a photo or video will be noticed by your audience who are experts in their field. In the B2C realm, misjudging what’s important to your audience can lead to your brand appearing tone deaf or disconnected.

So what can you do to ensure a better, more authentic connection with your audience online?

  • Learn as much about your social media audience as possible and use those insights to determine the best platforms, formats and times to engage your audience.
  • Have any technical content reviewed by experts in those fields to ensure you don’t miss the mark by showing unsafe practices or unrealistic scenarios in your content.
  • Pay attention to audience feedback, especially comments that call out potential issues with your content. Be careful not to discount the perception of your audience – whether you agree with it or not.

 To get more in-depth information about brand safety on social media, check out our webinar from earlier this year.