Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Casey Mills, Social Media Manager

When it comes to brand safety in the age of programmatic advertising, avoiding negative situations is half the battle. (If “programmatic advertising” is a new term to you, click that link for a primer.)

Ten minutes on Twitter will show you there’s no guaranteed way to avoid every controversy out there—especially if your product lives in a market where divisive views are plentiful. So, what do you do if one of your programmatic ads get placed in a controversial place, and you receive criticism in a space where other consumers can see it?

  • Do you pull all ads to be safe?
  • Do you respond on social media?
  • Do you yearn for simpler times and limit your media buy to newspaper and radio?


First, relax and know this stuff isn’t uncommon. Then, work through the following questions: 

  • What percentage of those upset are in our target audience?
  • How prominent is this issue? (Isolated Twitter storm or network news coverage?)
  • What are the second- and third-order effects of either decision?

Remember, protecting your brand is always a top priority. But in this age, there’s also the chance a few rogue commenters could end a campaign that would otherwise bring big benefits to your bottom line. That’s why we help clients take the time to weigh both sides of this less-than-simple issue.

For a deeper dive on this topic, check out our agency’s report, A Look at Brand Safety: How to Avoid the Dangers Hidden in a New Media Landscape, which adds a little more background to an ever-changing topic. 

Or, if you want to talk about your unique situation, reach out to our EVP/Managing Director Brent Schott at 402-437-6432 or to get the conversation started.