A Guide to Influencer Partnerships in the Green Industry

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Stephanie Hays
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Influencer marketing is estimated to be a $13.8 billion industry.* Both up-and-coming and experienced professionals in turf, ornamental, lawn care, gardening and golf are turning to social media seeking advice from trusted individuals about products and tactics to grow their businesses.

Influencer marketing is estimated to be a $13.8 billion industry.

But before you jump on the bandwagon and try to partner with someone who has a large social media following, it’s crucial to first vet they’re a good match for your corporate goals and values. Finding the right influencer requires research, planning and meaningful conversations to get the right message across and make a Real Connection™️. Use this piece to learn our approach to building a smarter influencer marketing program that helps customers connect with your brand:


1. Find the Right Influencer

Apply gathered customer research to develop a list of potential candidates. As you identify possible partners, remember that bigger follower counts aren’t always better—it’s the quality and relevance of that following you’re after. So ensure your influencer and their followers match your target customers and their content appeals to your audience.

2. Nail Down the Basics of an Agreement

Establish your budget, incentives and reporting requirements before talking with prospects. After identifying partners, set your objectives, goals and strategy. Then build an agreement based on the following:

  • Scope of work
  • Schedule
  • Compensation
  • Brand rules
  • Incentives
  • Content topics
  • Hashtags
  • Photography or safety guidelines
  • Performance-tracking KPIs

3. Craft a Story Fit for Both Brands

Influencers have a brand too. That’s why it’s important to collaborate with them to develop content and that speaks to their audiences and determine a posting frequency that feels natural. This will help avoid potential backlash that could result from publishing inauthentic content.

4. Find Opportunities for Borrowed Equity

Take advantage of cross-promotions every time your brand gets public attention. Work with your public relations team throughout the campaign so when your influencer’s content goes live, you’re in a position to take advantage of the exposure.

5. Integrate Influencers into Your Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve launched a successful campaign, see how incorporating content into your overall marketing plan can help accelerate your goals.

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Whether your Green Industry brand is B2C or B2B, working with influencers requires time to build a relationship and develop authentic content that speaks to the audience you're trying to reach. See an example of a client’s influencer program that Swanson Russell helped craft by downloading Growing an Influencer Program.

*Statistic from the Influencer Marketing Hub in association with Upfluence