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This Place is the Best

We create big ideas and we do it without big egos. Every day we build a Real Connection between our clients and their audiences. And we have unlimited free La Croix. Maybe that’s why we were named one of the area’s Best Places to Work in 2019. We’re always looking for talented pros to join our team, so if this sounds like the place for you, we want to talk.

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5 Things We Expect From Employees

  • Be Honest

    Do what you say. Say what you do. And respect who you’re talking to by shooting them straight.

  • Be Real

    Whether with colleagues, a client or the target audience – don’t fake it.

  • Be Hungry

    There’s always a bigger, better idea out there. Be persistent and focused enough to explore it. If you’re not, you’re in the wrong place.

  • Be Thankful

    We’re lucky to be in the business of ideas, and to work with people who value ours. Don’t forget it.

  • Be A Team

    Our best ideas happen when we demand the most of each other – and just as much of ourselves.

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Dave Hansen Chairman How do you ensure that the right talent delivers the right idea at the right time? 35 years of practice helps. Dave has grown Fortune 500’s and young upstarts, so he’s up for the task. 402-437-6427 Send email
Brian Boesche Chief Creative Officer In college, studying economics “bored the crap” out of him. So he came to work here. Three decades of brand-building and campaign-making later, he co-owns the place. Good economic move. 402-437-6440 Send email
Brent Schott President For more than 25 years, Brent has applied his intellectual curiosity and desire to continuously improve to a variety of roles in each of our Areas of Focus. Today, he brings all that experience to the table as he oversees the entire agency. 402-437-6432 Send email