BlueCross BlueShield
Health Care

One Less Thing to Worry About™

At the end of the day, insurance is really about the freedom from worry. “It’s okay, that’s why we have insurance.” With the right insurance company, molehills don’t become mountains. With that message in mind, we set about redefining the venerable BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska brand.


Using an animated storytelling approach, this campaign makes the case for having the right card. With unique illustrations, an original score and a bit of visual acrobatics, the spots aimed to set BCBS apart.

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A football-specific ad (hey, it’s Nebraska) that ran in gameday programs and elsewhere, this piece carried on the visual style established by the TV.

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Carrying that same illustrated style to a bigger canvas, this billboard series portrayed scenarios where someone could use one less thing to worry about. And yes, that Husker scoreboard is live.

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Digital Ads

The “essentials” digital ad campaign brought the One Less Thing To Worry About™ message to a younger audience, with online conversations referencing the benefits of health insurance. And also referencing funny YouTube videos, which are always an inspiration at Swanson Russell.

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