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Let’s Work

We’ll call it a comeback. Cushman (maker of heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles) needed a shot in the arm for their brand, which had lost some credibility and fallen off its audience’s radar. We delivered with this rugged “Let’s Work” campaign/rebranding initiative.


These guys are no strangers to sweat on the brow and dirt under the fingernails. And in the same way they might nod to each other on the job site to acknowledge a shared appreciation for hard work, these ads portrayed Cushman as a nose-to-the-grindstone brand, dedicated to getting the job done.

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This poster put Cushman’s cards on the table for its dealers to see, and served notice that the brand was ready to get down to business.

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With real on-site photography of Cushman vehicles getting their tire treads dirty, these collateral pieces communicated Cushman’s “Let’s Work” mentality.

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The Cushman website delivers the “Let’s Work” brand across their entire line, complete with product information and an easy-to-use dealer locator.

Launch Website

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