Portneuf Medical Center
Health Care

Introducing Idaho’s Most Advanced Care

When Portneuf Medical Center was purchased and reorganized, we were tasked with uniting a community around what would become the state’s most advanced hospital. With a multi-front effort in various media, we branded PMC with everything from a unique color palette to a new tagline, giving it an identity that its staff, patients and community could rally around.


Mixing branding and service-specific messages to paint the picture of a comprehensive health care system, this print campaign introduced Idaho to its newest hospital.

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Out of Home

Health care decisions can be made anywhere, anytime. So making the PMC brand part of the environment was a must. Here are a few out of home placements that helped drive home the “Be Well” message.

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With words of approval from patients leading the way, this outdoor campaign helped excite the community about PMC.

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The TV arena allowed us to let the physicians, nurses and staff of PMC state their case honestly and authentically, resulting in this three-spot campaign.

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Social Media

The PMC rebrand was ultimately about connecting this newly redesigned facility with the community that would benefit from it. That’s why we built a dynamic social media presence for the hospital, complete with guided video tours of the facilities.

Launch Website

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