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Fortrex Launch

To launch Minn Kota’s most ruthless trolling motor, the Fortrex, we cranked the attitude up to 11. Maybe even 12. We lost count.


To understand just how tough and ruthless the Fortrex trolling motor is, you have to tear it open and look inside at how it's engineered. This computer-animated TV spot did just that.

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Digital Ads

How do you make a Fortrex trolling motor look tough in a digital ad? Light the ad on fire and let the Fortrex walk across it. Or give the Fortrex a rope and challenge users to a game of tug-o-war. Yeah that'll work.

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To show off the rugged, tough nature of Fortrex, we equipped these ads with some big time attitude, coupled with detailed explanations of the engineering know-how that makes this motor so nasty.

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On the Minn Kota website, Fortrex needed a big presence that showed off its rugged features. That’s exactly what we gave it.

Launch Website

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