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Fight On

While the USC football team was dominating the gridiron year after year, the USC-branded hospitals were suffering from low awareness and preference. They called in the team from Swanson Russell to engineer a comeback. And in one of the most competitive media markets in the U.S., we made them a household name.

Video Content

This inspirational video set the stage for the “Fight On” campaign, introducing the audience to the hospital’s philosophy and providing a window into what drives its physicians.

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Bold imagery coupled with smart, simple headlines defined the “Fight On” print campaign, which heralded three ingenius innovations pioneered at the hospital.

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Out of Home

Right place. Right time. Right message. This out of home campaign highlighted the “No Matter What” philosophy of USC’s brilliant physician staff.

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Aiming for broader recognition of the “Fight On” message, a billboard campaign was introduced to drive home the USC brand to the masses.

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