There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Unless doing so might completely change the way growers see tractors. That’s what Challenger set out to do with a bold, powerful campaign about their new MT600C Series advanced wheel tractor. The campaign generated sales that exceeded initial projections by more than 55%.

  • Collateral


    Combining the messaging from traditional media executions and testimonials from the Challenger website, direct mail pieces delivered the entire MT600C story with one compelling execution.

  • Digital Ads


    This digital ad delivered another key message about the MT600C’s advanced technology: that it could take on big jobs without running up big fuel costs.

  • The print ads for the MT600C launch featured bold, in-your-face headlines that also served to break down important product details.

  • Website


    On Challenger’s website, we let actual growers talk about how the MT600C and Challenger’s unprecedented level of service were changing the way they did their job.