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Brand Launch

This multi-faceted campaign launched Geonav – an Italian brand – to the American audience. Geonav makes chartplotters, sonar, radar, autopilots and other navigation equipment for larger vessels, with the mission of simplifying complex technology so fishermen and boaters can “Go. Boldly.”


When we rebranded Geonav, we started at the top with an all-new corporate logo.

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The Geonav print series introduced the new brand to the audience with high-impact photography and smart headlines.

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With the importance that Geonav was placing on the launch of their G12 product, a packaging solution that drew customers’ attention was a must.

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Digital Ads

The digital ad platform allows for more targeted messaging. Specifically, the message that the hyper-sophisticated G12 is easy for the average boater to use. These digital ads introduced the G12 story – and the Geonav brand – with confidence.

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Communicating the full line of Geonav products with consistent, powerful branding, this 2011 catalog introduced the American audience to Geonav.

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A technologically savvy and innovative company requires a website with the same characteristics. That’s precisely what we built for Geonav – with smart, simple navigation and pages that clearly explained and differentiated the various models to the audience.

Launch Website

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