Green Industry

2Five: Go On-Roading

When E-Z-GO released its first street legal vehicle, we launched it into the marketplace with this campaign. Using the theme “Go On-Roading” to contrast with the usual off-road usage of E-Z-GO golf cars, we branded the 2Five as a cleaner, greener, leaner way to get around town.

  • Collateral


    An array of collateral materials were used to communicate the many features, benefits and uses of E-Z-GO’s 2Five.

  • Digital Ads


    The digital space enabled us to present all the places this new E-Z-GO could, well, go.

  • Point of Purchase


    Part of the 2Five campaign involved transitioning E-Z-GO dealers into the automotive market – hence the need for this series of point of purchase materials, which painted the picture of a sophisticated, smart new product.

  • This radio spot complemented the 2Five TV spot, extolling the virtues of the go-anywhere vehicle with a more direct call to action.

  • One challenge of talking about the E-Z-GO 2Five is communicating the myriad of uses for the car. TV allowed us the opportunity to portray just what was possible behind the wheel of E-Z-GO’s first street legal vehicle.

  • Website


    Central to the campaign was a dedicated web presence on E-Z-GO’s corporate site, complete with lifestyle photography, 360º views and a competitive comparison tool.

    Launch Website